Young Scientist Award

[sponsored by the Japan Society of Obstetrics & Gynaecology]


  1. the Editor will pick half a dozen papers from the articles that had been published in the AOFOG Journal in the preceding two years;
  2. the individual must be the principal author of the publication;
  3. the individual must be about or under the age of 45 (once the Editor had identified the paper, he will communicate with the national society and determine the age of the individual);
  4. the Editor of the Journal will identify 2 or 3 members from the Journal Committee who will then vet or referee the half-a-dozen papers that the Editor had identified. They will serve as referees in rating the publications;
  5. the referees be given a structured format on a 5-point scale to assess the merit of the article and include items such as originality, scientific content, bibliographic review, etc, as determined by the Editor. This is to facilitate the assessment.
  6. the decision be then circulated to members of the Board by autumn 1990 for endorsement;
  7. the Award be made at the Opening Ceremony following the presentation of Fellows;
  8. the Award includes a certificate called The AOFOG Young Scientist Award and that the certificate by signed by the Chairman of the Journal Committee and the President of AOFOG; a cash award of US$1,000 will be given and, in addition, a Silver Medal be presented to the Awardee;
  9. to reflect and acknowledge the contribution of the Japan Society of Obstetrics & Gynaecology in the programme for the Opening Ceremony;
  10. this Award be open to all member societies of AOFOG and not restricted to only the developing countries, nor be extended to countries beyond the Asia & Oceania region;
  11. the individual be requested to be present at the Opening Ceremony and to receive the Award in person;
  12. the designs of the certificates be prepared by the Secretary General and presented to the Executive Board at Palembang for consideration.


The Chairman of the Journal Committee-cum-Editor in Chief of the Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Research will select ten (10) best articles from those published in the Journal in the preceding two years, that is, between two Congresses. The articles will then be sent to members of the Editorial Committee to rate each one of them on merit. Based on the returns, the Chairman of the Journal Committee will select three awardees based on the score.

The awardees must have been about or under 45 years of age, when the articles were submitted.

The Young Scientist Awardee will receive the Award in person at the Opening Ceremony of the Congress

  • a Certificate, signed by the Chairman of the Journal Committee and the President of AOFOG
  • a Cash Award of US$1,000.00
  • a Silver Medal