A R T I C L E 1:
The Asiatic Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecology is an organisation of the national society of Obstetrics & Gynaecology of countries in the geographical area of Asia.

A R T I C L E 2:
The objects of the Federation are:

  1. to promote the development of science and assist in scientific research work, relating to all fields pertaining to gynaecology and obstetrics, to further the attainment, by all appropriate means, of a higher level of physical and mental health of women, mothers and their children, to develop and improve the exchange of information and ideas in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics, to contribute to the research of fresh knowledge in this field, to contribute to the improvement of teaching standards in the profession, to promote international co-operation and facilitate relationships between national medical bodies of the profession.
  2. to recommend a common policy in regard to these matters on the proposal of member societies.
  3. to represent member societies whenever joint scientific action can be pursued in such matters.
  4. to organise inter-Asiatic conferences including all countries or certain groups of countries. Circumstances permitting each inter-Asiatic conference shall be held successively in a different country.

A R T I C L E 3:
The Federation shall hold an Asiatic Congress once in four years.

A R T I C L E 4:
At the end of each Congress, the member society which accepts to hold the next Asiatic Congress assumes the task of Office of the Federation till the next Congress.

A R T I C L E 5:
The member society in charge shall meet all office expenses.

A R T I C L E 6:
The Congress is to be organised by the member society, sponsoring the next Congress. The past President will be the member of the Board as an adviser of the next Congress.

A R T I C L E 7:
Each member shall elect two (2) delegates of the Congress. They form the Board of the Federation and the Board convenes to deal with the business of the Federation, including subjects for scientific discussion for the next Congress.