Young Gynaecologist Award

S S Ratnam - Young Gynaecologist Award (SSR - YGA)

  1. Objective:

    The SSR - YGA enables promising young Obstetricians and gynaecologists from all the member countries of the Asia and Oceania region to attend the congress of the AOFOG which are usually held biennially.

    The participation of Young Gynaecologists:

    1. provides them an opportunity to update knowledge and skills of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Biology
    2. promotes social interaction between them, their peers and other delegates
    3. provides an insight into the functioning of the Federation by encouraging attendance at General Assembly session

    All these help to prepare them to become the future leaders of their National Societies (NS) of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and hence of the Federation. The criteria of selection provided to the NS reflects this hope.

  2. History of the Award:

    It was instituted in 1991 during the presidency of Professor Masahiko Mizuno through the support of the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and subsequently supported by donor agencies and member societies on a voluntary basis. Ten years later in 2001, it was renamed the SS Ratnam - Young Gynaecologists Award in memory of Emeritus Professor S. S. Ratnam, who was the President Elect of the AOFOG at the time of his demise and who had been its Secretary General for 21 years.

    Initially restricted to eight (8) countries from developing countries, it was approved in the Bangalore Council meeting 2002 that all National Societies will have YGAs. YGAs from the following 16 developing countries will be provided with the financial support from AOFOG whereas YGAs from 7 developed countries/NS will provide financial support to the selected YGAs from their own fund and resources.




  3. The Award / The Donors:

    On the year of the award, AOFOG provides the awardee with free economy airfare, registration fee and allowance for board and lodging. The awardee is given free registration for the next congress but he must now pay for his/her airfare and accommodations.

    The Secretary-General will write to all the NS for sending over donations towards the objective of S.S. Ratnam YGA Awards and all the previous donors of the project. The donors for the YGA have include National Societies of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists from the Asia and Oceania region, M/s Organon Netherlands , Third world Academy of Sciences (TWAS) and several others.

  4. Guidelines on YGA selection

    • All initial communications regarding YGAs will come from the Secretariat. The NS will be asked for nominations and should be submitted at least 6 months prior to the Congress date.
    • The NS is required to submit at least 3 candidates for consideration together with their Curriculum Vitae and full papers but the Secretariat is not in a position to decide on the number of awards available to each country until funds come in from donor agencies and member societies.
    • Upon receipt of all the nominations and full papers, the Secretariat will transmit them to the committee (chaired by the President-Elect) which is given 2 months to do the pre-screening for 10 best papers.
    • The final list of the YGAs shall be given to the host society three (3) months prior to the Congress date.
    • On the presentation of the papers at the congress, the 10 best selected papers will be presented at a plenary session in the congress whereas other submitted papers will be presented like free communication. The two best presentations are selected for with a cash award c/o M/s Organon.
    • The NS is also required to inform the Secretariat on the cheapest round trip airfare to the Congress venue to facilitate preparation of the Federation’s budget for reimbursement.
    • The reimbursement of the air fare and allowance for board and lodging to each of the YGA will be scheduled within the first two (2) days of the Congress.
    • The YGAs will be required to present the Official Receipt, the ticket and other pertinent receipts (airport taxes, etc.) for reimbursement.
  5. Activities of the YGAs in AOFOG Congresses

    During the Congress, the Young Gynaecologists Awardees present their papers at a special session.

    They could participate in all congress workshops and other clinical activities. They shall take part in all the social events, attend sessions of the General assembly and in some instances can represent their National Societies at the council meetings.

    They are awarded certificates of attendance during the President's night. Representatives of all the donors are invited to the ceremony so that they could be thanked personally for their support and could interact with the YGAs and assess how well their contribution has been spent. During the ceremony several previous YGAs narrate their achievements in academic and at their National Societies.

  6. Eligibility of a YGA:

    All nominations are to be made by the NS, then submitted to the AOFOG Secretariat and finally approved by the Executive Board.

    To qualify, the Young Gynaecologist must

    1. be under 40 years of age
    2. have made a significant contribution to his National Society
    3. demonstrate leadership qualities.